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I now offer all of my coaching services through The Strength Guys.

Strength & Physique Development

If you already know how to exercise, or have been exercising for a few years this service can take your training to the next level. It includes a personalized program for you, based on your gym, so that you can get the most out of your workouts. It also includes macronutrient guidelines on a week-week basis.  You'll report in 2-3 times per month and I'll send updated protocols each week.

Wellness Coaching

The majority of people who exercise are doing it to benefit their health. This service incorporates a wellness approach for those of you who have busy lives and may want to spend less time in the gym. You won't be counting macros in this program, instead I'll teach you how to make better food choices. This service is perfect for someone with a family, or someone who is dedicated to their career.

Seminars/Speaking Engagements

Do you need someone to present at your conference or company? I've given over a dozen speaking engagements at all levels of fitness. Presentations are all based on the most cutting-edge research in the health & fitness world. 

Mentoring Program

One of the problems in both academia and the fitness industry is the lack of mentor programs. If you're looking to learn about the fitness industry, how to program properly, interpret research or become a better athlete this program can help you. If you're a student who wants to become one of the elite in the fitness industry this is for you. I offer this program at no cost, but I will only take a few applications each year.