Fitness and Physiology's Brandon Roberts

My fitness journey began in high school as I fell under the stewardship of two personal trainers (Lee & Teddy) who helped me to develop proper form and technique. They also taught me personal training was about relationships, and to this day I try to build personal relationships with my athletes.



After high school I ventured off to the University of Florida to complete my bachelor’s in microbiology, during that time my passion for lifting only grew. At UF I started to learn the nuances of training and eventually progressed to an intermediate level. As I was learning about molecular biology I realized I could meld my two passions into one.


This led to my master’s degree in human performance and my start as a personal trainer. I continued to gain hands-on experience working with all types of clients at various local gyms.


During my master’s I realized I still had a ton of questions, which led to me pursuing my PhD in muscle biology. Concurrently, I was continuing to expand my personal training reach and started coaching athletes online.


I now work in both an academic setting as a post-doctoral scholar doing large-scale clinical trials using exercise interventions to study the molecular mechanisms of muscle adaptation. In addition, I work as a coach and the Director of Education and Research with The Strength Guys. I also hold a position on the NSCA Bodybuilding Executive Council as well as judge local bodybuilding competitions. I keep a very small (<10) athlete roster to ensure my clients get everything they need.

My teaching and research background allows me to use an evidence-based approach. I focus on building a relationship with every client to help motivate, support and guide them towards their goal while using the best available research to create personalized training programs.